Edward Leonard Fisher is the leading manufacturer of Blue John Stone jewellery and ornaments in Derbyshire. His work has been exhibited around the world and several pieces have been sold at auction at Christies and Sotheby's for many thousands of pounds.


Edward is entirely self-taught in both design and manufacture and produces items to suit all budgets, ranging in price from £30 to £5000.

He has worked in Derbyshire minerals for the majority of his life. When he left school at the age of 14  he worked for his father, Eric, a Derbyshire mineral miner, 330ft below the ground, Edward then went out on his own mining Fluorspar and other minerals from Crich to Castleton. His passion for Derbyshire minerals grew and after some years he decided to experiment, making paperweights from Blue John Stone and Barites, to the acclaim of mine owners and collectors alike.


He then progressed on to design and make his own stone saws and grinding and polishing equipment enabling him to manufacture more varied ornaments and jewellery from Blue John Stone.


One of the main difficulties of working with Blue John Stone is that the natural crystallisation of the mineral can result in fractures of the finished article. Edward has overcome this problem by the use of modern resins and processes which result in a perfect, highly polished, durable finish as evidenced by the items on display.


Blue John Stone, once in abundance, but only found in the Castleton area, is becoming more rare by the day. The only source of raw material is from two caverns in Castleton and then only in very small quantities. Many people feel that its increasing rarity will make it the collector's find of the future.