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  Sat, 28-Jul-2007

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An Edward Leonard Fisher Exclusive

Blue John Stemmed Goblets

From time to time Edward creates a masterpiece in Blue John Stone. Items of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. A testament to his many years of experience working with Blue John Stone. This page will show the latest Blue John Masterpiece.

Edward designs all his ornaments making each piece unique and, due to the scarcity of the raw material, very rare.

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Dimensions of the Blue John goblet on the left.
  • 115mm diameter bowl
  • Bowl is 70mm deep
  • Overall height is 180mm (including the Ashford Black Marble base)
  • The base (Ashford Black Marble) is 97mm square and 30mm high
The goblet is made from fired Blue John Stone from the Cliff Blue vein with the bowl and stem all matching.

This item is not for sale at the moment. It was on display at Chappells Antiques and Fine Art in King Street Bakewell over the Christmas (2003) period.

Edward Leonard Fisher is one of the very few craftsmen alive who can produce Blue John Stone artefacts of such quality.

Working from his workshop in Derbyshire he produces the finest and most prized artefacts from the rare Blue John Stone.

Each ornament has been hand turned. Hand turned means that the craftsman holds the tool in the hand. Each piece requires a considerable amount of time to make and some pieces have taken well more than 100 hours to make from the raw material - much patience is required. Working Blue John Stone is a very skilled craft. One main difficulty of working with Blue John Stone is that the natural crystallisation of the mineral can result in fractures of the finished article. Edward has overcome this problem by using modern resins and processes which result in a perfect, highly polished, durable finish as evidenced by the items on display.